Customer Referral Program

Eligibility: Open to anyone

Referral Fee: $5.00 per completed sale of a one-year subscription to HSTOnline. One-month subscriptions to HSTOnline are not eligible for the referral fee. Your own purchases are also ineligible for the referral fee.

Requesting a Referral Code

Send an email to with the following information

  1. Your full name
  2. Your mailing address
  3. Your PayPal email address (this is how you will receive the funds)

Using Your Referral Code

  1. Upon acceptance, you will be provided with a referral code
  2. Your referee will need to enter your code as the referral source in the purchase screens of the website
    • During the checkout process, customers will be prompted to enter your personal referral code. The purchase will then be "linked" to your code.
    • Alternatively, you can use the Referral link on your website or blog with your personal code embedded. When your referee is connected to our website, your code will automatically be added to their purchase record.
  3. Only one code may be entered per purchase
  4. On or before the 15th of each month, a referral payment will be made for those purchases in the preceding month.
    • For example, on January 15th, referrals will be paid for purchases made in December; on February 15th referrals will be paid for purchases made in January; etc.
    • Your monthly statement will include the names of those referrals for which you are being paid.
  5. It is your responsibility to keep us updated to any changes in your account information.
  6. Homeschool Solutions, LLC reserves the right to terminate this program at any time. Upon termination of the program, referral payments will be processed within 30 days from termination date.

Referral Link Instructions

You can use the link below to embed your Referral Code into a link on your website, blog or email signature. Simply replace ALL the X's in the example below with your assigned referral code.

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