Homeschool Tracker Basic Edition

Originally created in 2002, we offer Homeschool Tracker Basic Edition entirely free of charge as our service to the homeschool community.

The program has been confirmed to install and work correctly on Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 7 and 8. Homeschool Solutions has no plans to further add or modify features to the program.

The Basic Edition is not a feature-limited version of the Plus Edition. It is an entirely separate program in its own right, with features to create assignments, mark attendance and run simple reports.

If you wish to evaluate the Plus Edition features, we recommend you consider the 30-Day Trial.

If you wish to evaluate the features of HSTOnline, we recommend you consider a one-month (non-recurring) subscription.


  • Basic Edition Never Expires
  • Upgrade to PLUS at any time
  • Easy Setup
  • Track Attendance and Hours
  • Manage, Copy and Reschedule Assignments
  • Track Resources
  • Generate Reports


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