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Save time and stay organized with Homeschool Tracker

A flexible, online tool for homeschool record keeping, planning, and reporting. Trusted by thousands of Homeschoolers for over 15 years.  

Say goodbye to post-its, erasers, and calculators

Homeschool Tracker gives you flexible record keeping, planning, and reporting online. 

Choose exactly how much information you want to record for each student. Quickly and easily create single or repeating assignments, appointments, chores, and more. Need to reschedule? Simply drag and drop items on the calendar or use our powerful rescheduling tool to move everything forward. Homeschool Tracker offers flexible workflows that match your style. Plan an entire year, or just go day-by-day.

Save time by creating reusable lesson plans 

Use the powerful and efficient lesson plan tool for creating reusable plans and stay on track throughout the year. Create lesson plans for your entire curriculum, then schedule them as you need them. 

Take advantage of our growing library of user-generated lesson plans or contribute your own. Create plans with repeating patterns for speedy data entry. Schedule a week or two at a time using preset time blocks and always know where you left off. Reuse your lesson plans in later years and with different students. Great for large families!

Show off with professional reports  

Grade with confidence 

No more spreadsheets or calculators. Set up your courses, grade scales, and weights once and Homeschool Tracker does the rest.

Generate report cards and submit transcripts to colleges. Print daily task lists, attendance reports, supply lists, and more.

Awesome training and support

Regular live training webinars, a massive knowledgebase, and super friendly e-mail support!

What people are saying

"The best part is that everything is online. I can create hyperlinks to any resources online including the text books, printables, interactive games, videos, you name it. As long as the boys have their iPhone, an iPad, or a PC they can learn anywhere, at any time." - Zephyr Hill

"I wholeheartedly recommend HSTOnline. No longer do I feel like we're "behind" because life happened. Instead, we are right where we are supposed to be and when the time comes, we just do the next thing, all thanks to Homeschool Tracker!" - Seven Times the Fun

"If you have been searching for something to make your record keeping easier and aren’t afraid of a little data entry and learning something new (Homeschool yourself!), I would highly recommend giving Homeschool Tracker a try." - Sprittibee

"You save time and money by creating reusable lessons plans. Your work is never wasted. Here’s a practical example: When your oldest child is done with first grade, you won’t have to make any lesson plans for your next first grader." - LJSkool