A selection of the many positive Homeschool Tracker reviews that have been published:

How To Plan, Organize and Manage Your Homeschool - Zephyr Hill

"You save time and money by creating reusable lessons plans. Your work is never wasted. Here’s a practical example: When your oldest child is done with first grade, you won’t have to make any lesson plans for your next first grader."

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Homeschool Tracker is the Best System for the 21st Century Homeschooler - LJSkool

"The best part is that everything is online. I can create hyperlinks to any resources online including the text books, printables, interactive games, videos, you name it. As long as the boys have their iPhone, an iPad, or a PC they can learn anywhere, at any time."

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REVIEW: Homeschool Tracker Online - Seven Times the Fun

"I wholeheartedly recommend HSTOnline. No longer do I feel like we're "behind" because life happened. Instead, we are right where we are supposed to be and when the time comes, we just do the next thing, all thanks to Homeschool Tracker!"

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Homeschool Record Keeping With Homeschool Tracker - Sprittibee

"If you have been searching for something to make your record keeping easier and aren’t afraid of a little data entry and learning something new (Homeschool yourself!), I would highly recommend giving Homeschool Tracker a try."

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Homeschool Tracker Reviews

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