Homeschool Tracker Plus – Companion Videos

The following videos are offered as supplements to the Help File (F1) and User Manual. The videos that you should be sure to review are:

1 – Tools: Backing Up is essential to the safety and security of the data you enter.

2 – Tools: Program Options – gain an understanding of the different features and how to disable the ones you don’t want to use at this time.

3 – Maintenance: Subject/Course/Activity will help you understand the relationship between these three categories in Tracker

4 – Teacher: Matching Your Planning Style explains the differences between the Lesson Plan; Weekly Planner and Assignment areas of the program

5 – Student: Grouping and Sorting is vital to appreciating the flexibility you have in how items are displayed on the different screens

6 – Student: Group Edit is an incredible tool for making changes to items you’ve created that require some tweaking after the fact

7 – Student: The Search Feature shows how to quickly find the item(s) you’re looking for in a vast list in any one of the grids.

Student Tab

Teacher Tab


Tools Menu

Maintenance Tab

Homeschool Tracker Plus Videos

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