Sharing Lesson Plans in Homeschool Tracker Plus Edition

Homeschool Tracker Plus has Lesson Plan import/export capabilities to allow you to share the Lesson Plans you’ve created with other Homeschool Tracker Plus users. Note: You should not share Lesson Plans that you have not created yourself including, but not limited to, copyrighted materials. See the “Importing Lesson Plans” and “Exporting Lesson Plans” sections of the Help File or User Manual for detailed instructions.

Some Homeschool Tracker Plus users contribute to a Yahoo! Group to share Lesson Plans. It is a moderated group. Posting of copyrighted plans is prohibited. Homeschool Solutions, LLC has no responsibility for the creation, moderation or participation in this Yahoo! Group.

The group is located here:
To post an email to the group:
You must be approved by the group owner in order to participate.

Sharing Lesson Plans in Tracker Plus

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